Siat Case Closers & Case Sealers offer an extensive range of semi automatic and fully automatic case closing/sealing machines, either tape or hot melt glue sealing.


Siat SK20 Tape Sealer Carton Closer

The Siat SK20 Tape Sealer seals provisionally folded manually loaded boxes, with the ability to cater for a variation of different footprint sizes. The machine is driven by top and bottom belts and can run at speeds of up to 1,200 boxes an hour, increasing warehouse production considerably.

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Siat SR20 Semi-Automatic Case Sealer

The Siat SR20 is a semi-automatic case sealer with automatic adjustments for random size cases. When the manually closed box approaches the SR20, the height and the width of the box is detected, before the machine automatically adjusts to the required size. Tape is then applied to either the top of the case, or to the top and bottom as required. Producing sealed boxes at speeds of up to 900 boxes an hour.

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Siat S8 Case Sealer

The Siat S8 Tape Sealer is a side-belt driven semi-automatic case sealer which tape seals top or top and bottom of a manually closed case.

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Siat SM44 / Siat AS24 packaging machine

Siat SM44/AS24

Automatic Random Case Closer

The Siat SM44/AS24 enables random sizes of case to be automatically closed and tape sealed.

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