Siat S8 Case Sealer

The Siat S8 is a semi-automatic case sealer which tape seals top or top and bottom of a manually closed case.

Siat S8 Case Sealer image

This machine is easy to use and simple to adjust, allowing every operator to start production in minutes.

The double side motorised drive belts transport the case, passing it through the tape heads, which form a perfect seal.

The compact footprint and optional castors allows it to fit into any production environment.

All machines are of robust construction with easy changeovers from one case to another.

Siat S8 Case Sealer – Technical Specification

  • 1200 boxes per hour
  • Box Min. 150 L x 130 W x 120 H
  • Box Max. No Limit L x 500 W x 500 H
  • K11 tape head fitted as standard for 50mm Tape.
  • Adjustable working height 500mm to 750mm.
  • 230v single phase

Siat S8 Case Sealer – Options

  • 400v three-phase
  • K12 tape head fitted on request for 75mm Tape.
  • S8/4 for small cartons down to 60mm high and 105mm wide
  • S8/4-K25/30 for S8/4 fitted with 1″ tape head, for cartons 75 wide
  • S8/1 for S8 fitted with 3-flap folding system
  • Casters (AS77)
  • Higher Legs (AS80)



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