Siat Case Erectors offer an extensive range of semi automatic and fully automatic case/carton/box erecting machines. The erectors are suitable for manual packing lines or fully automatic manufacturing.


Siat F144 Series Tape Case Erectors

The Siat F144 series can run at 12 cpm, has a right-angled carton magazine and comes in four different sizes to suit your own cartons.

More about the Siat F144 Case Erector series



Siat F344 Series Case Erectors

The Siat High Speed F344 range has all the features of the F144 series, but fitted with servo actuated motions to achieve up to 18 cpm.

More about the Siat F344 Case Erector series



Siat HM145/146 Hot-Melt Glue Case Erectors

The automatic HM series case erectors, erects from standard RSC board blanks and glue closes the bottom of the empty case – ready for loading.

More about the Siat HM145 & HM146 Case Erector series


Siat HM345/346 Hot-Melt Glue Case Erectors image

Siat HM345/346 Hot-Melt Glue Case Erectors

The Siat High Speed HM345 and HM346 are as the HM145/146, but with servo actuation motions for speeds up to 14 cpm.

More about the Siat HM344 & HM346 Case Erector series




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