Siat F344 to F346 Case Erectors

The Siat F Series case erector range is suitable for integration into the line, and can be supplied with hand or automatic filling stations and closing machines, also from the Siat range.

The magazine can be ordered in various specifications, including the option to increase the tape unit, if required. The entire range are CE compliant and come complete with full guarding and safety interlocks, for peace of mind.


F344 Case Erector

  • Min Case Size: L200 x W150 x H120
  • Max Case Size: L450 x W350 x H450
  • Speed: 18

F345 Case Erector

  • Min Case Size: L220 x W150 x H120
  • Max Case Size: L560 x W350 x H450
  • Speed: 18

F346 Case Erector

  • Min Case Size: L300 x W200 x H200
  • Max Case Size: L620 x W400 x H400
  • Speed: 10

SIAT announces new innovations for F34x Case Erector range

SIAT have redesigned some of its F34x Case Erector mechanical and electrical parts and equipped them with new PLC software to achieve higher performance.

Key Features:

  • PLC software with improved cycle accuracy, speed and controls
  • Increased production capacity: up to 20bpm
  • Faster set-up time up to 20% saving for machine setup or box format change
  • Ability to store optimal programs for different box sizes
  • Enhanced  frame robustness.
New SIAT F34x Case Erector range

New Touch Screen & PLC software:

The machine is equipped with a new “touchscreen” model and a totally new PLC software. All functionalities of the machine are fully customisable and box sizes can be stored in PLC memory and re-called when necessary.


Detailed information Events / Alarms “On-Line” for faster aid understanding of events.


We achieve the best management of the entire working cycle, optimizing and reducing the box processing time, thus increasing the production capacity.


Detailed information Events / Alarms “On-Line” for faster aid understanding of events.

New Electric Axis:

All the electric axes of the machine have been replaced with a next-generation model with very high performance.

Each axial movement/ acceleration can be handled by PLC software to achieve the best result/ performance.

New SIAT F34x Case Erector Electric Axis

Every setting of the axis will be performed by PLC software so that users have a quick, precise, reliable and repetitive set-up of the machine.

Each point of reference of the axis will be stored within the program relative to the managed box.

It will be very easy to reload “stored” box program and set the machine accurately and quickly.


New mechanical parts:

New mechanical components have been introduced in order to further improve machine functionality and aesthetic.
New cover of pneumatic box, shown right.

New extended screw for better tuning of box storage.


The frame of box storage has been reinforced.


New spacer on carton storage to better handle big boxes.

New SIAT F34x Case Erector Improved Pneumatics

New pneumatic parts:

Some parts have been modified in order to rationalise pneumatic components.

New position of the vacuum pump, shown left.

New main air group.


Better distribution / positioning of the air flow pipes.


Internal view

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