Fully Automatic Pallet Wrapping Systems

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Siat Fully Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapping Systems 

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The Siat range of semi-automatic pallet wrappers complemented by a range of semi and fully automatic Rotating Arm and Ring stretch wrappers.

Utilising the film carriages used on semi-automatic machines, perfect stretch wrap is achieved with little or no operator intervention.

Siat RA (Rotating Arm) Wrappers – features and options

  • Max pallet dimensions 1200×1200
  • Max pallet height 2100mm

Siat Fully Automatic Wrapping Systems

  • Deisgned and built to your exact specification
  • Rotary Arm type wrapping
  • Ring wrapping for higher speeds
  • High pallet throughput
  • Automatic conveyor systems
  • Full guarding and light curtain safety systems
  • Unloading and storage positions
  • Barriers for forklift truck protection