New Model SM11-N further improves carton sealer performance

SM11-NThe new Siat SM11-N :  Higher speed, greater control and lower energy consumption

SIAT has years of end-of-line automation experience and the best-selling automatic model, the SM11, has further been improved both in terms of electronic and mechanical assemblies.

The introduction of the brushless DC motor technology gives clear key advantages:

  • Lower energy consumption (-30%)
  • Higher speed (+25%)
  • Variable speed control of the side-belts

SIAT are the first to apply the DC brushless technology in their sector, and allow the machine to be adjusted from 14 to 27 meters per minute. This is a very important feature to manage the handling of heavy, light or low quality boxes.

Technical Specification

  • Up to 1,500 boxes per hour
  • BLDC brushless motors
  • Box Min 200 L x 150 W x 120 H
  • Box Max 600 L x 500 W x 600 H
  • Adjustable working height 500mm to 750mm.
  • K11 50mm tape head as standard
  • Side safety guards with interlock switches
  • 230v single phase
  • Options available including different tape heads, voltage, polycarbonate guards, custom colours etc