New Siat BeeWrap – the buzz word in wrapping

Siat are introducing a New Wrapping Machine: BeeWrap to replace our popular WR100 after many years of honourable service.

You may wonder why we have chosen the name BeeWrap, rather than another string of letters and numbers? Well it is because we are willing to express a real change of approach focusing on customer needs with a completely new machine rather than an evolution of an existing model.

The name BeeWrap represents, in a single word all of the following characteristics: an industrious animal, fast, capable of working on and around delicate product like flowers, yet being an animal that doesn’t compromise!

New Siat BeeWrap Wrapping Machine image

Get busy with the new Siat BeeWrap Wrapping Machine replaces the popular WR100.

Indeed the structure of the machine has changed dramatically and led to a much more efficient product in terms of power consumption.

After all testing we have conducted can now declare that BeeWrap Advanced Semi-Automatic Mobile Pallet Wrapper can process up to 300 pallets before recharging (depending on usage). This represents a huge advantage in productivity, with no need to recharge or replace the batteries in the middle of a working day.

Also we have a more accurate and precise machine now. It can work with lighter and smaller loads compared to previous WR100 machine and it is also better performing compared to the data supplied from major competitors of equivalent machines.

Last but not least this machine has a standard 24 months warranty with the exception of batteries that are covered by usual 12 months warranty.

BeeWrap is the new ‘Buzz’ word in Advanced Semi-Automatic Mobile Pallet Wrapping, it is packed with a host of new features, download the brochure here.

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