New Siat F1 Semi Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper

New Siat F1 Semi Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper 2016 imageSiat have launched the new Siat F1 Semi Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper with a host of new features and simplified operator HMI panel.

The versatile solution for most common pallet wrapping needs. The new Siat F1 is a semi automatic machine for wrapping palletised loads with stretch film.

F1 Semi Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper has a Turntable soft start function, manual or automatic mode and top and bottom reinforce ment wraps individually adjustable.

The F1 can be equipped with mechanical/electromagnetic brake or powered prestretch carriages.

  • Turntables rated 4 tons. Best in class!
  • Higher grip for the M carriage and self cleaning rubber roller
  • Simplified maintenance / improved reliability
  • Easier adjustment of lower position on the carriage and improved range
  • Reduced footprint and transport cost
  • Standard manufacturer Warranty extended to 24 Months.
  • A new stylish cover system for both motors
Siat F1 Pallet Wrapper operations HMI panel image

New operations HMI panel, for ease of use.

We will also have a simplified version of our Siat F1 15 EM. This machine will be delivered with a facilitated operations HMI panel with the following features:

  • Main power switch
  • Start/stop
  • Emergency stop
  • Turntable speed adjustment
  • Upper and lower reinforcement wraps (same number)
  • Homing

Siat F1 15 EM will also have a fixed speed of the carriage (e.g. non adjustable from the operator).

Siat F1 Semi Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper brochure

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