Siat Genuine Spares

Siat UK Spare Parts are official partners and distributors for Siat Packaging Machinery. This close working relationship allows us to have access to all genuine Siat spares and manuals to keep your machines in optimum running condition.

We hold an extensive range of Siat genuine spare parts in the UK, and  for non-UK stocked parts we can liaise directly with Siat Italy to supply the parts you need.
We have listed a small selection of the common parts available below, and have an extensive range on the shelf available for same day dispatch, including K11 and K12 tape heads, belts, springs, blades and accessories.

To order any Siat Spares call us on +44(0) 1502 713777 or

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Siat Part Number Siat Spares Description
SIAT S4004152ZZZ S4004152ZZZ 2″ Blade for K11 & K11-R
SIAT S4004153ZZZ S4004153ZZZ 3″ Blade for K12 & K12-R
SIAT S310097005Z (1) S310097005Z AMMORTIZ PROT.LAMA K11 (FASSON 349)
SIAT SRSK-K11 SRSK-K11 Recommended Spares Kit K11
SIAT SRSK-K12 SRSK-K12 Recommended Spares Kit K12
SIAT S310054048Z S310054048Z Pulley Drive Ring Orange
S3100626ZZZ Roller Exit Bush
SIAT S3100728ZZZ S3100728ZZZ Roller Exit Bush
SIAT S310083105B S310083105B Siat Rubber Entry Roller
S321161600A Siat GS55A Knitting Blade
S3210035000A Synth Knitting blade
S3310012300A Synth Corner for welding blades
S3310012900A Synth Vertical knitting blade holder
S3310013100A Synth Horizontal knitting blade holder
S310151200A Siat Carriage Lifting Belt
S310171400A Raise Belt
S4604221ZZZ Roller
S4204333ZZZ Glue Disk – Brake WS
SIAT S331452492C S331452492C Shaft
SIAT S3402778ZZZ S3402778ZZZ Small Spacer
SIAT S3402779ZZZ S3402779ZZZ Large Spacer
SIAT SBC0000633 SBC0000633 Special Bearing Wheel
S3803594ZZZ Siat Gearbox
S3805184ZZZ Siat Potentiometer 10K WS-I/S
S4304788ZZZ AS80 Leg with Pin 645/980 Working Height
S4705004ZZZ Special Blade Holder K11/30
S3803440ZZZ Siat Motor H63 A4 kw 0,12 B5
S3803449ZZZ MOT MH63 C4 B5 220/240V 50HZ 0.13KW
S3803448ZZZ motor single phase S8
S3403616ZZZ Drive Belts 1712×55 S8
S3401771ZZZ Drive Belts 1823×75 S2A/SK2
S3402704ZZZ Drive Belts 1830×75 S2/SR4
SIAT S3401009ZZZ S3401009ZZZ Drive Belts 2956×75 SM11/44



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