Siat F144 to F146 Case Erector

The Siat F144 – F146 case erectors are suitable for manual packing lines or fully automatic lines with automatic product loading.

The range starts with the budget Siat F44 which erects up to 10 cases per minute in a compact footprint – up to the Siat F344 automatic case erector with tape closure at speeds up to 18 cases per minute.

Features and Benefits

Sealing the bottom flaps with self adhesive tape
Adjustable on the different box sizes by handles (2’)

  • Motorized box storage for 150 boxes (for 300 boxes – ML – on request)
  • Box storage available on the left (SX) or right side (DX)
  • 2 x Carriages moved by compressed air (SMC + BOSH – Festo on request) with vents to pick the plain boxes from box storage, square them and push them in the motorized driving belts (2 x Motors HP 0,18 each) while folding the bottom flaps & sealing them with the tape sealer K11 (K12 on request). Empty pump BECKER (Ventury on request).

Machine controlled by PLC (Omron – Other brands on request) to synchronize the different machine movements and eventually harmonize other machines to be connected (box filler – conveyor line – carton sealer etc).
Safety Protections with switches to disconnect electrical & pneumatic if opened
Control panel equipped with:

  • Brake/end tape alarm
  • Full line alarm after the machine
  • Maximum production capacity 10/12 box per minute according to box sizes

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