Siat HM144 to HM146 Glue Case Erector

The automatic HM series glue case erectors, erects from standard RSC board blanks and glue closes the bottom of the empty case – ready for loading.

The machines are suitable for manual packing lines or fully automatic lines with automatic product loading.

The hot melt glue produces a stronger finished case than tape and has the advantage of being ‘tamper evident’.

The range starts with the HM145 which erects up to 8 cases per minute up to the HM345 at speeds up to 14 cases per minute, in the same compact footprint.

Technical Specification

  • 400 boxes per hour
  • Box Min. 300 L x 200 W x 200 H
  • Box Max. 600 L x 400 W x 450 H

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