Siat SM11 Case Sealer

The Siat SM11 Case Closer Sealer has the automatic capabilities to close and tape seal up to 1,250 boxes an hour, with the option of either top sealing, or top and bottom sealing.

The incorporation of side belts gives unbeatable accuracy to the positioning of the 50/75mm tape. Whilst allowing the flap closer, side flap plough and product centering feed to be efficient and precise every time.

The Siat SM11 case sealer can be easily incorporated on to the end of either a manual or fully automatic packing line, yet at the same time is a very compact build allowing an exceedingly small machine footprint.

The Siat SM11 case closer is designed to ensure a quick and easy changeover from one case to another thus permitting a very small amount of downtime.

Just like every Siat machine, the SM11 Case Closer has been designed and manufactured with maximum safety and durability in mind, whilst providing an extremely robust construction.

  • Up to 1,250 boxes per hour
  • Box Min 200 L x 150 W x 120 H
  • Box Max 600 L x 500 W x 600 H
  • Adjustable working height 500mm to 750mm
  • K11 50mm tape head as standard
  • Side safety guards with interlock switches
  • 230v single phase


  • 400v three-phase
  • Polycarbonate guarding
  • Safety upgrade to bring machine up to safety performance level PLd
  • BLDC brushless motors for speed increase of 25% and 33% less power consumption
  • AS24 centring and indexing infeed conveyor
  • Model Sm11/4 for small cartons 105 wide
  • K12 tape head for 75mm tape
  • Model SA11, as Sm11 but pneumatically operated vertical adjustment
  • Model Sm116 for large cartons 650 H x 700 W
  • Low and/or broken tape detection
  • Casters (AS77)
  • Higher Legs (AS80)
Siat SM11 Case Sealer

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