Siat SM44 / AS24 Automatic Random Case Sealer

The Siat SM44/AS24 combination enables random case dimensions to be fed in to the packaging machine unit, at will, by the operator. Automatic sensors identify the box height, before adjusting accordingly whilst the case is held stationary. The case then continues through the packaging machine by side belt guides which are equipped with ball bearings and a driving belt.

The Siat AS24 unit will automatically register and position the case prior to indexing it on to the Sm44 case closer. There is then an automatic adjustment prior to the closure of the top flaps and subsequently the taping of the top and bottom of the case.

The Siat SM44 case sealer closer has external controls which provide differentiation between sealing programs whilst also allowing full troubleshooting. These controls also contain a pneumatic control board allowing adjustment to individual pneumatic components.

A magic eye is included which detects when the tape reel is running low, whilst also detecting any breaks in the tape. The operator is then informed on the external control desk leaving considerable time for amendments.

Size Range

  • L200 x 160 x 140h Minimum
  • L600 x 500 x 500h Maximum


  • Up to 15 cases per minute

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