Siat F1 Pallet Wrapper

New Siat F1 Semi-automatic Pallet Wrapper 2016 imageSiat F1 Pallet Wrapper range of entry level pallet wrappers, with pre-stretch up to 200% and a wide range of turntable diameters and mast heights.

The Siat F1 Pallet Wrapper range is a cost effective way to improve pallet stability, economise your film usage, and maintain a consistent wrap.

Siat F1 Pallet Wrapper Standard Models:  F1-L-16-M & F1-L-16-LP

  • Turntable: 1650mm for 1200×1000 Pallets
  • Max Pallet Weight: 2000kg
  • Max Pallet Height: 2100mm
  • “M” film carriage: Mechanical core brake
  • “LP” film carriage: 200% motorised pre-stretch
  • 230v single phase

Siat F1 Pallet Wrapping Machine: Features

  • 2 wrapping programs (up & down and up only)
  • Hinged column for easy installation
  • Octagonal base frame, chain driven turntable 3″ from floor height
  • Belt driven carriage with anti-drop mechanism
  • Inverter for turntable and film carriage speed control and soft-start
  • Independent top/bottom layer control
  • Photocell to read pallet height
Siat F1 Pallet Wrapper operations HMI panel image

New operations HMI panel, for ease of use.

Siat F1 Pallet Wrapping Machine: Options

  • Extended column for 2400mm pallet height
  • Turntable diameter of 1800mm/2200mm
  • “SM” film carriage mechanical pre-stretch up to 90%
  • “FM” film carriage with electro-magnetic film clutch
  • Loading ramps, including extended for electric pallet trucks
  • Horseshoe turntable for ease of loading via pallet truck
  • Photocell for dark colour loads
  • Pit frame to install turntable flush with floor
  • Control panel heaters for use down to -5°c
  • Stainless Steel option on F1-L-15-M & F1-L-16-M
  • 400v three-phase available

Siat F1 Semi Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper brochure

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