Siat ProWrap Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper

SIAT ProWrap is the new versatile and scalable turntable semi-automatic machine for intensive and demanding stretch film applications, able to optimise film consumption and to guarantee full control of all wrapping parameters throughout the cycle.

SIAT ProWrap is a high-end machine designed in accordance with Industry 4.0 concept, ProWrap ensures optimisation and safety of the transit packaging.

The SIAT ProWrap guarantees saving of resources and time and supervision of machine productivity (up to 30 plts/hour), its working time and film consumption.

Thanks to SIAT ProWrap’s advanced setting options, which consist of 12 programs and 5 operating modes, you will be able to optimise your packaging process while increasing the stability of the wrapped load.

The list of options available, such as pressing unit, roping device or a variable pre-stretch up to 400% (with double motor carriage), allows you to configure SIAT ProWrap according to your business needs.

Furthermore, the option of having a different amount of film in different areas of the pallet (6 upshift zones, 5 downshift zones) guarantees savings in film.

SIAT ProWrap will protect the load during the transportation and avoid wasting film.

SIAT ProWrap Key Features

  • New design and long-lasting structure working also in heavy duty environment (-20°C)
  • 4.0 concept technology
  • 7″ touch screen control panel
  • 12 programmes/ 5 operating modes
  • Variable parameters over the pallet within the cycle (6 upshift zones, 5 downshift zones)
  • High productivity (up to 30 plts/h with PW750)
  • Pre-stretch up to 400% (with double motor carriage)
  • Safety-driven technology
  • New safety feature on the carriage (footprint savings) and new detection safety scanner (instead of fences)


The new Siat ProWrap control panel will surprise you.

The 7″ color touch screen with latest generation technology, is easy-to-use, intuitive to set and full of high performance features.

You can customise all the machine parameters and set “load zones” with different levels of holding forces. This results in significant benefits in your productivity: saving film, faster cycle time and optimal protection of the load.

Further to this, you access machine statistics including: parameters, cycle counter, film consumption and film brakes to fully monitor and maximise productivity.

Siat ProWrap KPI screens

NEW Siat ProWrap KPI productivity data monitoring screens

Siat ProWrap Stretch Wrapper - Stretch Wrapping Machine image

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Production space optimisation is an important issue in all manufacturing plants. The exclusive new detection area scanner of SIAT ProWrap has been designed to guarantee higher safety standards and the smallest machine footprint.

Thanks to its 3 alarm zones and the leading-edge software, the machine calculates a proper safety distance and stops immediately in case of the nearest point of operation hazard.


Turntable configuration1650mm1800mm2200mmHSD
Column heights2200mm2600mm3000mm
CarriagesElectromagnetic brake (FM)Fixed pre-stretch up to 300% (PW,PWT,PW750)Variable pre-stretch up to 400% (DM)
Power supply220/240V 1Ph (50/60Hz+N)400V 3Ph
Other on request
ProgrammesUp to 12


  • Roping and banding device (electric/pneumatic)
  • Top sheet and edgeboard application
  • Pressing unit
  • Remote control
  • Pit frame
  • Lift frame
  • Scale
  • Loading ramp
  • High ambient version
  • Inox version
  • Cutting system
  • Cut & welding system
  • Cut & attaching system (without blowing)
  • Safety laser scan
  • Integrated weighing system

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