Siat SW2 Pallet Wrapper

The Siat SW2 Pallet Wrapper range comprises of a versatile, high specification series of pallet wrapping machines, capable of coping with any demands you place upon them.

The SW2 range are high specification, top of the range pallet wrappers.

Siat SW2 Pallet Wrapper Standard Model:  SW2-L-16-SP

  • Turntable: 1650mm
  • Max pallet weight: 2000Kg
  • Max pallet height: 2100mm
  • “SP” film carriage: 250% motorised pre-stretch
  • 230v single phase

Siat SW2 Pallet Wrapping Machine: Features

  • 4 wrapping programs (up & down, up same with top sheet)
  • Hinged column for easy installation
  • Octagonal base frame, chain driven turntable 3″ from floor height
  • Belt driven carriage with anti-drop mechanism
  • Inverter for turntable and film carriage speed control (up/down independent) and soft-start
  • Independent top/bottom layer control
  • Photocell to read pallet height

Siat SW2 Pallet Wrapping Machine: Options

  • Extended column for 2500mm pallet height
  • Turntable diameter of 1800mm
  • 4P-VB-F customised 9 program memory
  • Top clamp for unstable loads
  • “M” mechanical core brake carriage
  • “SM” film carriage mechanical pre-stretch up to 90%
  • “FM” film carriage with electro-magnetic film clutch
  • “PW” Wulftec high-performance motorised pre-stretch film carriage 300%
  • 300% pre-stretch addition to “SP”
  • Weighing system to measure load weight
  • SW2/A Automatic film cut and attached system (safety guarding required)
  • Loading ramps, including extended for electric pallet trucks
  • Horseshoe turntable for ease of loading via pallet truck (1200Kg max)
  • Photocell for dark colour loads
  • Pit frame to install turntable flush with floor
  • Control panel heaters for use down to -5°c
  • Safety guarding to suit application
  • 400v three-phase available
Siat SW2 Stretch Wrapper

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