SK10 semi-automatic case sealer with manual adjustment

Semi-automatic case sealing machine designed and engineered by SIAT specifically for small/medium sized boxes.

SK10 semi-automatic case sealer with manual adjustment

SK10 is the ideal case sealing machine for a variety of industries like food and beverage, chemical, clothing, textiles, electronics.

SK10 key features

Seals upper & lower flaps of cardboard cases or cartons

Lockable electric isolation switch

Central emergency stop to work safely on both machine sides

Best-In-Class components with SIEMENS electric components

removable top and bottom taping heads in a quick way and without tools

Box dimensions

MIN 150L x 140W x 120H

MAX ∞ x 500H x 500H

230v single phase


Top & bottom box sealing

Easy to use

Intuitive and fast adjustment

Ideal for these industries

Food & dairy


400v 3-phase

Higher legs (AS80)

Casters (AS77)

Roller conveyor (RG)

Extendable conveyor (GTL-GTR)



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