SM2-I semi-automatic case sealer with manual adjustment

SM2-I is Semi-Automatic Case Sealer with Manual Adjustment Made In Stainless Steel.

SM2-I is a semi-automatic machine designed for the sealing of boxes of the same dimensions. In fact, all the adjustments needed to use the machine in a correct way are done manually.

This model is useful especially in the food & beverage and in the chemical industries. Additionally, it is the solution for the use in environments with a high rate of corrosion and dispersion of harsh chemicals.

SM2-I key features

Adjustment on carton box width and height by handles

K11R (50 mm) taping unit

Top and bottom drive belts

Drive belts speed 20 m/min.

2 motors (0.13 kW)

Box dimensions

MIN 150L x 150W x 120H

MAX ∞ x 500H x 500H

230v single phase


Easy to use

Fast adjustment


Ideal for these industries

Wine & spirits

Food & dairy

Pharmaceutical industry


400v three-phase

Casters (AS77)

Higher Legs (AS80)



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