Extendible gravity roller conveyors

siat.co.uk has a large range of conveyors available to suit all of our machines. Our flexi extendable gravity roller conveyors have many variations.

Extendible gravity roller conveyors

Extendible gravity roller conveyors key features

3 different width: 400 mm – 500 mm – 650 mm

GT basic module: minimum 2 pieces

GT basic length: 0,5 m completely closed / 1,5 m extended

GT/2 length: 1 m completely closed / 3 m extended

GT/3 length: 1,5 m completely closed / 4,5 m extended

LE telescopic legs with casters for GTL / GTR

LE – 48 height: Min. 350 mm / Max. 480 mm

LE – 78 height: Min. 500 mm / Max. 780 mm

LE – 115 height: Min. 700 mm / Max. 1150 mm

LE – 170 height: Min. 1000 mm / Max. 1700 mm

Transportation system: “L” with plastic wheels (max. weight per linear/meters: 35/40 Kgs)

Transportation system: “R” with metal rollers (max. weight per linear/meters: 60 Kgs)

Example of the most sold conveyor: GTL500/3

Conveyor with plastic wheels / 500 mm width / 1,5 – 4,5 m length

The working height must be specified

Ideal for these industries

Wine & spirits

Household, consumer & personal care

Food & dairy

Pharmaceutical industry

Logistics industry




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