Case Sealers

SIAT Case Sealers for a wide range of case sizes. Including semi-automatic manual case adjustment tape machines, to fully automatic random footprint case handling, hot melt glue case sealers.

Case Erectors

SIAT Case Erectors, formers and bottom sealers for a wide range of case sizes. Including semi-automatic, fully automatic and hot melt glue case erectors.

Stretch Wrappers

SIAT Stretch Wrappers are well known for their quality and reliability. The Siat stretch wrapper range includes semi-automatic and fully automatic pallet wrapping systems.

Packing Stations

SIAT Packing Stations consist of case erector, hand box filling station and case sealer in a single work cell, for packing and packaging operations where full automation is not feasible.

Conveyors offer fixed roller conveyors, motorised belt conveyors and motorised roller conveyors, these are designed to automate production lines.

Genuine Spares has access to all genuine Siat spares and manuals to keep your machines in optimum running condition.

OFFICIAL DEALERS, DISTRIBUTORS AND ENGINEERS OF SIAT PACKAGING MACHINES are pleased to offer Sales, Service and Spares for the wide range of SIAT’s cost effective Case SealersCase ErectorsConveyors, Packing Stations and Pallet Wrappers.

Siat Packaging Machine distributor UK

Sealing cases using a case sealer is faster, provides a better result and is more economical. Using of case sealer also ensures ergonomically correct working conditions.
Case sealers are designed for a variety of different tasks and needs: uniform or random case sizes, wide or narrow tape, top and bottom sealing, side sealing, automatic flap folding, etc. There is a wide range of auxiliary equipment such as packing tables with bottom flap folder.
Case sealers may be used as part of individual packaging stations or as part of a fully automatic packaging line. packaging machines is a division of Linkx Systems who are official dealers and distributors for Italian packaging machine manufacturer SIAT SpA.

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