Packing Stations

Packing Stations consist of a case erector, hand box filling station and case sealer in a single workcell. Designed to provide optimum ergonomics to the operator(s), they are the ideal solution for products that need visual inspection before packing and packaging operations where full automation is not feasible.

Linkx PS100 Packing Station Case erecting small ecommercePS100 Semi-Automatic Packing Station

The Linkx PS100 is a semi-automatic machine that first erects cases and then supports them whilst they are manually loaded. Each case is then pushed by the operator into extended side belts and folding mechanisms, then through bottom (and top if required) tape heads creating an accurately sealed and closed box every time ready for dispatch.

PS100 Packing Station Full Detail

Siat Packing StationsPS50-TB Semi-Automatic Packing Station

The PS50-TB packing and taping station is made up of a box forming station with pusher cylinder and a sealing section with top and bottom driven belts suitable for packaging of various box dimensions. This section allows a large margin of boxes sliding height adjustment.
The PS50-TB packing station provides boxes forming and sealing operations with adhesive tape through the simultaneous application of two adhesive tape stripes on the upper and lower boxes middle line.

PS50-TB Packing Station Full Detail



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