Boxmaster-S™ hot-melt range of fully-automatic case erectors

BoxMaster-S™ HM is the new revolutionary fully-automatic case erector. It’s easy to use, safe, reliable and is designed to form and seal with hot melt glue.

Replacing the HM145 case erector, the BoxMaster-S™ HM runs at a variable speed of up to 1.100 boxes/hour according to box dimensions. Machine adjustments are fast, simple and repeatable.

The Boxmaster-S HM features an open frame structure, with a stiff and strong chassis. This allows full visibility and access to the mechanical part of the machine for easy maintenance. Wheels on the structure allow an easy positioning of the machine.

A lean and strong design allows easy box loading. Counter on the adjustment for fast and precise box dimension setup. The standard box storage can store up to 150 boxes, the optional extended version can store up to 265 boxes.

Boxmaster-S HM key features

Safety First – BoxMaster™ incorporates several safety features as standard

Production capacity – standard box storage capacity of 150 boxes, 300 boxes as option

Production throughput – output up to 1.100 boxes/hour

Production flexibility – manages boxes from 150 x 130 x 80mm to 620 x 500 x 500mm (depending on the model)

Customized programs – customizable programs with advanced settings

Easy-to-use – controlled by PLC and HMI, mechanical setting with counter

Modular system – meeting your individual needs

Easy installation – delivered full assembled, with wheels

Box dimensions

Boxmaster-S3S HM
Length 150– 500
Width 130– 350
Height 150 – 450

Boxmaster-S5S HM
Length 300– 620
Width 200– 500
Height 150 – 500

*Measurements supplied in mm


Sealing of bottom flaps with self adhesive tape Fast adjustment on box dimensions Ready for integration into automatic lines Modular

Ideal for these industries

Wine & spirits

Household, consumer & personal care

Food & dairy

Pharmaceutical industry



End break tape

Full line photocell

Tilting presser

Higher boxes



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