SR20 Semi-automatic case sealer with random adjustment

SR20 represents the ideal solution when your packaging line processes boxes with different dimensions. Thanks to the 4 belts box control, the sealing process is always guaranteed without jams, also in case of overstuffed and empty boxes.

SR20 Semi-automatic case sealer with random adjustment

Moreover, the pneumatic system allows a fast adaptation to a large range of box dimensions. The robust dual masts frame and the branded components make the SR20 ready for round-the-clock applications. The historical reliability of SIAT machines is fully guaranteed.

The fast-removable taping head, the easy access to the motors and the clear cable management allow an efficient check of the machine, facilitating maintenance operations.

SR20 key features

Pneumatic adjustment of the carton box width and height

K11R (50 mm) taping unit

Top and bottom drive belts

Drive belts speed 20 m/min.

2 motors (0.13 kW)

Max. output: 15 bpm (average depending on box dimensions)

Box dimensions

MIN 150L x 140W x 120H

MAX ∞ x 500H x 500H

230v single phase


Strong design

Perfect control of the packaging process

Maximum reliability

Easy maintenance

Ideal for these industries

Wine & spirits

Household, consumer & personal care

Food & dairy

Pharmaceutical industry

Logistics industry



400v 3-phase

K12 (3”/75mm) tape heads

Casters (AS77)

Higher legs (AS80)



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