BeeWrap+ semi-automatic robot stretch-wrapper

BeeWrap+ is a mobile wrapping machine used for palletising goods with stretch film. It is suitable for heavy weight items, unusual shapes, and loads with large dimensions. It is equipped with a digital control panel that allows the user, in an easy and functional way, to alter various parameters and set-up customised wrapping cycle programs.

BEEWRAP+ semi-automatic robot stretch-wrapper

With sleek design modifications the newly upgraded features the BeeWrap+ is also equipped with new AGM dry battery technology. This guarantees a higher working autonomy (up to 400 cycles per charge) and enhances safety within the machine.

BEEWRAP+ key features

Energy saving – Automatic shutdown of the machine after 10 minutes of inactivity

Safety first – Thanks to the new AGM dry battery technology there is no danger related to battery maintenance and acid leaks

Extensive battery duration – Up to 400 cycles with each battery charge

Easier to transport – Thanks to the AGM technology, batteries are not subject to any transport restrictions

Extensive safety – BeeWrap+ incorporates several safety features as standard

Increased production capacity – Thanks to customized settings

Versatile use – Suitable for very large and round loads

Flexibility – Machine is easily moved to various locations

Modular system – Meeting your individual needs

Easy-to-use – Due to the simple control concept

CE compliant – Engineered and produced in Italy according to EU safety standards


User-friendly: control panel extremely clear

Customizable with different film carriages and columns available

Flexibility thanks to the rudder for manual moving

Many safety devices: for a safer work condition

Ideal for these industries

Wine & spirits


Household, consumer & personal care

Food & dairy

Pharmaceutical industry

Logistics industry



1800mm table for 1200×1200 pallets

M column for higher loads 2.6m

Photocell for dark loads




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