The automatic case erector HM145 is a hot-melt equivalent of F145 variable output up to 720 boxes/hour according to box dimensions.

It is designed to seal with Hot Melt glue the bottom of boxes. The operator, after having filled the box storage with boxes and adjusted the machine, turns “On” switch.

The machine automatically takes a box from the boxes storage. A carriage drags the box which is automatically opened by a box-opener lever. Then the box is taken away by a second carriage through side drive belts to start the folding operations.

HM145 key features

Up to 720 cases per hour

Box storage for 150 boxes Box storage available on left side (SX) or right side (DX)

ROBATECH® Hot Melt glue dispenser positioned on an external carriage with casters (other brands on request)

VENTURI vacuum system

Control panel equipped with: box counter – box timer, low box storage alarm, brake/end tape alarm, full line alarm


Box dimensions

Min. 220L x 150W x 120H

Max 560L x 350W x 500H

Ideal for these industries

Wine & spirits

Household, consumer & personal care

Food & dairy

Pharmaceutical industry


Higher legs (AS80)

Casters (AS109)

Roller conveyor (RG)

Extendable conveyor (GTL – GTR)

Siemens PLC

Nordson Glue System



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