Linkx PS100 Packing Station

The NEW Linkx PS100 packing station is a cost effective packing solution ideal for small and medium sized businesses looking to increase production speeds.

The Linkx PS100 is a semi-automatic machine that first erects cases and then supports them whilst they are manually loaded. Each case is then pushed by the operator into extended side belts and folding mechanisms, then through bottom (and top if required) tape heads creating an accurately sealed and closed box every time ready for dispatch.

A semi-automatic packing station with case erecting and tape sealing applications

The compact footprint of the Linkx PS100 makes it ideal for integration into existing factory and warehouse dispatch lines.

The machine can be manually adjusted by a side handle to suit varied case sizes and uses side belts to drive and accurately position cases, which are manually offered to the closing mechanisms by the operator giving them full control over the throughput of the machine. Raising the top tape unit allows the PS100 to be run as a semi-automatic case erector and supply erected and base sealed only cases for further processes. Based on the machines ease of use, operators need very little training to safely and efficiently use the machine.

Overall, the Linkx PS100 compact packing solution reduces labour whilst increasing efficiency, productivity and safety.

Linkx PS100 Packing Station Case ErectingFeatures

  • Power 230V, single phase
  • Production speeds of up to 15/min
  • K11 tape head (2”)
  • Simple machine adjustments
  • Options for additional conveyors and casters

PS100 Box dimensions

  • Min. W. 150 H. 120 L. 150 mm
  • Max. W. 500 H. 500 L. ∞

PS100/4 Box dimensions

  • Min. W. 105 H. 90 L. 150 mm
  • Max. W. 500 H. 500 L. ∞
Linkx_PS100 Packing Station PDF


Linkx PS100 Packing Station Small Footprint

Small Footprint

Linkx PS100 Packing Station Simple Adjustment

Simple, Safe Adjustment


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