Siat BeeWrap Semi-Automatic Mobile Pallet Wrapper

Siat BeeWrap Advanced Semi-Automatic Mobile Pallet Wrapper.

The New BeeWrap model is the mobile wrapping machine for palletised loads suitable for every shape, dimension and weight using stretch film. Provided with a digital control panel that allows, in a very easy and functional way, the programs management and the wrapping parameters set-up.

BeeWrap is the new ‘Buzz’ word in Advanced Semi-Automatic Mobile Pallet Wrapping, it is packed with a host of new features.

BeeWrap can work with lighter and smaller loads compared to previous WR100 machine and is better performing than equivalent machines.

For peace of mind BeeWrap is backed by a standard 24 months warranty and batteries are covered by 12 months warranty.

Siat BeeWrap Pallet Wrapper: Features

  • For pallets of height up to 2100 mm
  • Needs only 1150 mm free space around the load to operate Safety bumper
  • Operation indicator light and beeper
  • 2 x 12V lead acid battery with incorporated battery charger
  • Rudder for easy motorized robot moving
  • Adjustable height tracing wheel
  • Rear forklift access
  • Reclining column for easy shipment and movement
  • Advanced & Friendly control panel
  • Film carriage with clutch (mechanical or electromagnetic) or powered prestrech (200%)
  • Pallet height photocell
  • Up to 300 pallets without recharging (Subject to conditions)

Siat WR Robot Pallet Wrapper: Options

  • Gel batteries available as optional
  • Photocell for black film or colored products
  • Remote control

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